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After a long winter, some portions of the planet still cling stubbornly to the frigid temperatures and wet snow. In most others, however, new flowers begin to bud and the smell of rain undercuts the scent of freshly cut grass. Watch out for spontaneous rain showers and possessive honey bees.
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Announcements and Updates

Various events occurring within the city of Sheol will be placed here. We stress you tune into the newest thread, so that your character isn't oblivious and thus written off as handicapped. Any and all notable site updates will also be placed here; each thread will have an [IC] or [OOC] tag in the title to differentiate between where the events/updates/announcements are taking place.~♥

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Before you register with our community, please be sure to read everything inside to ensure you're interested, and willing to remain a member with us after you have registered. It isn't too painful to sit through, but it is extremely helpful with what you'll be facing here in Sheol.


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Once you've finished reading the contents within The Guidebook, you will begin your character here! Within are some helpful threads that are strongly recommended to be read before asking any questions, as they might have already been covered inside~♥

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