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After a long winter, some portions of the planet still cling stubbornly to the frigid temperatures and wet snow. In most others, however, new flowers begin to bud and the smell of rain undercuts the scent of freshly cut grass. Watch out for spontaneous rain showers and possessive honey bees.
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    Post by SYSTEM on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:27 pm

    { Instructions }

    Below is the code for the biography. Simply quote the application below, copy and paste the code into a new thread, take out the quote tags and you’re one step closer to becoming a part of our story! However, there are some helpful and important guidelines listed below before you run rampant.

    ■ The title of the topic should be as follows:

    CLASSIFICATION - surname, first name middle initial (period)

    ■ Do not modify any of the colors, fonts, etc., please.
    ■ Do not add images into the body of the application; link them.
    ■ Be sure to check with the Listings beforehand.
    ■ Work-in-Progress applications are archived after seven days.
    ■ Post in Notification to notify Staff of your biography completion.
    ■ Re-read your work. You’d be amazed at how many errors you'll find.
    ■ If you already have a character, then please ensure sure that;

    ♦ The previous account(s) be active for a one month minimum.
    (Paragraph 3, Bullet 3 in RULES.)

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